RISKiC is a security & safety consultancy business that acts as an advocacy service (1) with a clear focus of providing support to clients to achieve safer living by design.

RISKiC is a qualified, licensed, and experienced organisation that specialising in evaluating threats, identifying risks, and offering personalised solutions, designed to mitigate and manage identified hazards for its clients in the domestic, business, corporate, commercial, and local-government sectors.

  • RISKiC performs security risk profiling and control inspections with the objective of evaluating threats, identifying risk, prioritising solutions, and qualifying potential vendors for its clients.
  • Security Consulting services incorporate RISKiC performing S.W.O.T. analyses as part of the risk assessment and apply a risk management identification process. This process includes highlighting crime prevention strategies by environmental design and implementing appropriate technologies to assist clients achieve safer living by design.
  • RISKiC produce scoping documents that appraise existing security related processes and systems already in place, and then presents prioritised recommendations for potential additions or upgrades, all designed to protect client’s people and property.

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(1) Professional self-advocacy is defined as any action that speaks in favour of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports, or defends, or pleads on behalf of others.

Our Vision

The primary focus for RISKiC is protecting client’s people and property by providing a safer living and working environment, by design.

This objective is achieved by devising security & safety solutions that are designed strategically to address threats identified.  

This consulting service is performed by independent, licensed security advisers who specialise in providing security & safety related solutions, all tailored specifically to meet each client’s individual needs.

The intended outcome of security & safety related solutions presented to each client is to reduce the likelihood of damage, loss or violence taking place within the home or in the workplace.

Our Experience

This company’s professional abilities are a direct result of over 38 years security industry experience by its Director, Peter Vaughan.

He has had extensive operational and managerial experience in both the electronic security and manpower security sectors. His field experience includes electronic security installer, security officer, armed guard, snr manager (MSS & Chubb), business owner, independent licensed security consultant, licensed investigator, and security & safety assessor.

Peter completed his MBA (Master-in-Business-Administration) majoring in Innovation and Knowledge Management in 2004 at the Victoria University–City Campus. He completed this professional development training to realise both a personal and professional ambition whilst working full time as a senior Regional Manager (VIC & Sthn NSW) for a leading multi-national security firm.

In 2020 Peter Vaughan sold the North-East Security Services business based in North-East Victoria and now acts as a fully independent licensed and experienced security consultant.

This lifetime of experience enables RISKiC to provide a professional and specialised security consulting team. This business model identifies and assesses perceived risks and then recommends actions that will enhance the safety of its clients and ultimately provide them with peace of mind, therefore safer living by targeted design.

Peter states: “My goal nowadays is to utilise the wealth of operational and managerial experience and knowledge that I have acquired over time, within all facets of the Security industry.

I am able to set and meet deadlines, manage competing priorities to achieve these work targets, actively show initiative, and translate this through a planning process into specific outcomes for our clients.

My ambition is to provide the very best individualised security solutions for each individual clients’ needs as I am and always have been driven by the desire to achieve excellence in every task presented to me.”

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